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Sociologist, #sociology of work, organizations, architecture, political sociology, #discourse & #performativity analysis | #democracy education | research funding consultancy (ERC)


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Neuroscientist by training, tinkerer by nature. Now scanning transparent mice with light-sheet microscopes. Microscopy, clearing, data crunching, tinkering.

Originally trained at and Dirk Schubert's labs, Radboudumc/Donders Nijmegen. Now staff scientist @ Ali Erturk lab, Helmholtz Munich.

Recent father. Toots in English, German, Dutch.

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Awed by tiny creatures,
With a slight preference towards those without a #nucleus,
Living below any #water surface on Planet #Earth (but open to extraterrestrial collaborations, as well).

#Aquatic #microbial #ecology. Host-microbe interactions. #University of #Thessaly, Greece

#gutmicrobes #hostmicrobiota #hostmicrobe #microbialecology #microbeinteractions #symbiosis

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Working for my students, they are the future.

Prone to mistakes revealing more than I am comfortable knowing.

Still learning.

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Cognitive Science masters, exploring language & cognition. Passionate about social psych, emotions - mental health, interoception & qualitative research

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Bioinformatician 📢 about OSS and #rstats, some analysis 📊 & random thoughts and ideas 🎲 cover avatar

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Historian of #emdiplomacy, #peacecongresses and #peacemaking with a past with queen #ElizabethI; occasionally also editing the #autobiography of Karl Brandi. avatar


i run a #startup #incubator in Compton, CA.

we are currently hiring #coders of any age and skill level, both #remote and #onsite in #LosAngeles

#PHPdev #Rustdev #CSS #Javascript #Bootstrap #Solidity #Rubydev #typescript #jsondev #htmldev #webfinger #APIdev

please reach out with questions or if you'd like to learn more about #investing with Compton Startups cover avatar

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Was passiert hier gerade? Journalist, Abenteurer in digitalen Medien, staunender Beobachter. Erfindet sich täglich neu. cover avatar


Physics professor @ Simon Fraser University. Experimental research in quantum materials and optical spectroscopy. cover avatar


Dies ist ein Account ohne Zuckerguss und rosa Brille 💥
Pro-kurdische Aktivistin, Apoistin, Antikapitalistin, Feministin, Anarchistin.
Mein ❤ schlägt kurdisch.
Mainstreamresistent 💥
Klartextaffin 💥
Kapitalismus und Demokratie schließen einander aus! 💥
Alle Fotos, die ich hier poste, sind von mir.
Bleib weg, wenn du Kapitalismus befürwortest, denn damit nimmst du Faschismus in Kauf ⛔️ cover avatar


Working to increase the likelihood we can trust the what comes out of our fMRI analyses.

Staff scientist (PhD) at Washington U in St Louis (#wustl #WashU #STL #Missouri USA), Cognitive Control and Psychopathology lab. Very keen on #baseR #rstats (esp. for graphing).

I'll occasionally post about (in no particular order): task #fMRI, QC/QA, MVPA, permutation tests robust stats, #knitr, #OpenScience, and research ethics, particularly in the current "red-state" context. Plus a few cats.

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Self-Appointed Semi-Professional Advocate
in the Name of Free Software
IT since year 1 after punchcard
Started with listmail on EARN/BITNET

> 30 Years Unix/Linux/FreeBSD

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Assistant Professor at UBC; MRI, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience; Books and Mountains cover avatar


Researcher of antisociality in youth. Interested in metascience, science reform, and science communication.

Postdoc at University of Montréal and McGill University.

Occasional doer of weird art things. (she/her) cover avatar


Independent social care consultant working across children & adult services in the UK. Retired academic.
Passionate re disruptive forms of social care that focus on community, belonging & reciprocity.
Lover of a bacon sandwich.
Mad about the grandson & the garden.
Living with non-hodgkins lymphoma, but contesting the language of #cancer cover avatar


#STS professor #InfrastructureStudies #Commodon (~ anthro geog envhist ?)

here, nattering: magpie, general nonsense, gloomy, inner monologue, books/reading, boosts #ToxicLA #HigherEdWorkersUnite #asstodon

My new 📙 OIL BEACH is out now!

posts ≠ endorsements
pers acct, obvs

header: camel made of colorful post-consumer plastic, by Cynthia Minet

profile: vintage postcard of California oil field at night (cropped) cover avatar


Jack-of-all trades designer, maker, #Brompton bike rider, #EV enthusiast. Looking for work. cover avatar


#dh #histphil Between jobs. cover avatar


How does the brain work? Someday, we'll figure it out.
Group Leader, MRC LMB, and Professor, University of Cambridge, UK.
#neuroscience #Drosophila #TrakEM2 #FijiSc #CATMAID #connectomics #connectome #vEM #iNaturalist #entomology
Born at 335 ppm.
Brains, signal processing, software and entomology: there will be bugs. cover avatar


Canadian #SoftwareEngineering #professor
at Dalhousie University and editor of #SIGSOFT Empirical Standards. Talks about #SocialScience #ResearchMethods, #PeerReview, #EvidenceStandards and #education. Opinions mine. cover avatar


I teach and research philosophy (mainly metaethics and philosophy of perception) at Hebrew University and try to make the world a bit better (mainly by trying to surround myself with anti-occupation activists and then feeling bad about how much better of people they are than me).

Leftist without Adjectives cover avatar


🇪🇺 Postdoc at the Department of Sport Science and Sport at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg in 🇩🇪|

Toots in German & English
Old posts are regularly deleted. cover avatar


Disabled enby hearing scientist. Integrationist. Survivor. Games and play. Auditory science!?

Profile picture: a tortoise-shell cat and a black cat cuddling in a heart shape

Banner: Colorful street mural on a brick building: a mystical scene of a white owl and white deer in a forest.

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