Gamers_Mate OP ,

I made this post hidden as soon as I posted it so the only way it could of got downvoted is if someone could see it. I wonder who had access to see hidden posts.

theblueredditrefugee ,

That's nothing, my most upvoted reddit post was a lazy-ass post on r/shitposting that got removed by the reddit admins. Not the mods - the admins.

Gamers_Mate OP ,

Congratulations having your post removed by the admins is a medal of honor.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

Wow that looks amazing!

NoIWontPickaName ,

Is anyone else unable to comment or message the mods on r/interestingasfuck?

stopthatgirl7 , avatar
Usernameblankface , avatar

Kinda surprised he hasn't done an episode on the whole reddit api thing. I thought that might be why he's become the face of the malicious compliance over there

NoIWontPickaName ,

He supports the writer's strike

Usernameblankface , avatar

Ok, that makes sense.

RoboRay , avatar

The writers strike has pretty much all new content production on hold.

abff08f4813c ,

Thank you for your contribution to the movement!!!

Evono , avatar

Which movement it's exactly what reddit wants, non nsfw content which generates clicks which on the other hand generates them data and ad revenue and award revenue.

Op literarily does what reddit wants.

Evono , avatar

Sadly thats exactly what reddit wants :/ doesnt matter if its John oliver as long as it isnt NSFW and content and brings clicks they are happy.

SomeoneElse ,

Should have made it out of dick pics.

gk99 ,

Or fediverse logos, since reddit seems very unhappy that people are telling redditors how to switch to alternatives.

Gamers_Mate OP ,

True though as more and more redditors use adblockers and all the post data they have is John Oliver it will become less valuable to advertisers which is why many redditors are using this tactic though making stuff nsfw would be a lot more effective.

Flaky_Fish69 , avatar

John Oliver truly appreciates the free advertisment, though. I kinda wanna see his reaction to this.

kabi , avatar

He tweeted out his support when learned about it, and then followed it up with a bunch of silly photos of himself for people to use.

1bluepixel , avatar

Bragging about your Reddit upvotes on Kbin. That'll show them!

Mereo ,

Yup. They want people to just be empty shells and consume contents. As long as people go to reddit on their Reddit's app and view targeted ads, it's a win for them.

livus , avatar

It's not zero:sum though.

I still glance at reddit but I don't spend time there or put up content anymore. My energies and clicks are mostly fediverse now.

Once RIF goes down I doubt I will go there unless I need something specific I can't find here.

Reddit isn't going away, it's just going the way of facebook and twitter.

Mereo ,

For sure. I wil still visit a few subreddits, namely my city one, as it is one of the place that I can know the little scoop of what's happening.

But as for having a serious discussions in various topics, Fediverse all the way.

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