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I have a Mastadon, AND a Kbin now. I'm trying to sign up for different Federated services and link 'em all together. I'm loving this new protocol so much. It's quiet...

It feels similar to the early 2000's internet and I'm loving it.

Ghostalmedia , avatar

My only problem is how degeneration is handled.

For example, last night I submitted a post to My wife then wanted to comment on the post.

She has a account and I have a account. She couldn’t see my post because beehaw defederated from

Robotoboy OP , avatar

@Ghostalmedia Yeah I imagine that's going to make things a little more complicated and political so to speak. Things will become a bit messy for a bit I imagine until some kinks are worked out. That said I still love the idea of federated social media.

what ,

I think it's the fact that it isn't mainstream is what makes it tolerable. Once you get everyone on a platform it turns into garbage. Just dumb people amplifying other dumb people.

So I'm interested to see how federation plays out long term. I don't think the majority of reddit will come here for awhile so at the least I'm enjoying it while I can.

Jcb2016 ,

@what Come June 30th the Reddit Exodus will be glorious!


Robotoboy OP , avatar

@what That's true, but I believe that because each instance is moderated separately, and can be defederated if it's not done well, it'll discourage grouping dumb people in with people who just want to be.

BrikoX , avatar

Check out other software in the Fediverse

Robotoboy OP , avatar

@BrikoX Thank you! I'll check this out!

Rentlar ,

Hell yeah, great to have you here.

Robotoboy OP , avatar

@Rentlar Thank you so much! I'm hype to experience this new space!

melroy Admin ,
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@Robotoboy Welcome to the club!

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