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umbraroze , avatar

OK so search has always sucked.
It has sucked especially in the New Reddit era.
Now, they have deployed the Even Newer Reddit user interface.

One of my biggest use cases of Reddit was "what are people in various communities talking about this particular video"?

In Old.Reddit, you could at least see crossposts in the unlikely case that the YouTube URL was somehow equivalent to the actual URL posted to Reddit. You know, because YouTube videos could be called upon by many requests, and Reddit fucking gave no shit about any URL normalisation.

But they at least let you see if anyone had crossposted shit.

Apparently, the New New User Interface fucking doesn't even let you do that. I tried searching for a particular video that was already posted in particular communities. Nothing.
Tried Google Search to find this particular thing. OK, found it.
Slapped "old." to it. "6 discussions."
That's it. Reddit was already shit at finding discussions about particular YouTube videos if you didn't use old.reddit. The new Reddit interface at least pretended the crossposts were there. Crossposts no longer are there. Why the fuck do people even follow the site any more.

DrPop ,

My issue is on Mobile is the past is long as hell breaking down the mechanics of something I can't even view the full thing and I refuse to use the app. I've tried tapping scrolling and other things too.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 , avatar


Why the fuck do people even follow the site any more.

Unfortunately, that's where all the content is. Things like this don't bother a lot of people — for example, discussion about YT videos wasn't something I ever used Reddit for — and as long as Reddit is the only platform providing what they're interested in, they're going to stay.

OvergrownSkeleton ,

How do you mod in Kbin?
I can't find any tools for modding?

ernest , avatar

@OvergrownSkeleton more > moderate

The magazine also has its own panel, available if you are the owner.

TheArstaInventor , avatar

@ernest Should be available for all moderators, owners should atleast have an optional option to enable that.

And what happened to the requesting subs function? When is that coming out?


millions ,

a few thousand people coming together to make the entirety of r/place say "FUCK SPEZ" at the end is insane but we all know they're just gonna go back to using reddit in like 20 minutes


snownyte , avatar


It's like that ex partner that they're never over. Always talking of them. Always thinking of them. Always finding a reason to wind up back to them.

ForestOrca , avatar

I made a Magazine called Photobiomodulation ( for the discussion of this topic on the Fediverse. I've left Reddit behind, and am recreating this community here.

Nemo ,

post it in !newcommunities

spaduf , avatar

Throw it over on !newcommunities if you haven’t already

Lemur , avatar

Reddit removes years of chat and message archives from users' accounts

You might be able to get a copy of older messages from the data retrieval request.

linearchaos , avatar

This is probably cost reduction. I know they have a significant amount of redis. That’s all in-memory database storage.

LinkOpensChest_wav , avatar

Hello, we are migrating legacy chats to the new platforms and, unfortunately, only data for 2023 is replicated.

So they knew this would happen and still didn’t notify users in advance so they could save their message history?

Sound pretty on-brand for that shitwagon.

merlin ,

Just wanted to say that I love how people are using the upvote and downvote feature here as they don't seem to be used as agreement/disagreement but rather valuable or hindering to the conversation.

I really feel like I can express any opinion on here and start controversial discussions as long as I'm not malicious to anyone.
Disagreements are mostly stated in replies which promotes conversation and growth. There is currently no reason to be scared about being wrong.
I hope that this is not just a product of the smaller userbase compared to reddit but rather how upvotes/downvotes/boosts are laid out to the user.

jkmooney , avatar

Reddit account.....deleted. Kbin seems to have a better "signal to noise" ratio IYKWIM

sndmn ,

So much “content” on reddit are the same 150 videos and pictures, endlessly reposted.

selzero , avatar

@jkmooney I tried Lemmy but it seems like the wild west out there... I've seen things...

NudelnAlDente , avatar

Threads vs microblogs?

Does anyone have any advice on whether to use or when you're looking to say, start a discussion about a topic on ? Is there an etiquette for what option is best? Or do people just pick depending on their mood (having a Twitter vs a Reddit sort of a day)?

WonkoTheSane ,

A thread is a Reddit equivalent and a microblog is a Twitter equivalent. So it really depends if you’re trying to start a discussion or just want to put something out there in my opinion

SzethFriendOfNimi ,

It can definitely be confusing. And kbin’s naming convention is confusing too.

EpicFailGuy , avatar

What are we?

What do Lemmy users call themselves? What do Kbin users call themselves? What about Mast?

So far I can't come up with anything better than "Fediziens"

Eddie ,

Lemmings, binnies, and dons. I declare it here and now

LilBiFurious , avatar

I’ve just been calling everyone losers

ikantolol , avatar

I saw someone recommending Aether aside from Lemmy and Kbin, what is it ? googling Aether give me...

"According to ancient and medieval science, aether, also known as the fifth element or quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere. "

so yeah..

ikantolol OP , avatar

@NormalTownLeader ah thanks, I thought it'd be like another link aggregator site.

cutitdown ,

@NormalTownLeader Hmm -- doesn't seem to me. They compare themselves to Reddit on their about page. I think it's just the fact that it is an app and has a similar layout to Discord that gives those vibes. The actual communities and posting style seem more Reddit/forum to me, or perhaps a hybrid of sorts.


xXGanondorfXx , avatar

yall should check out I cant vouch for the community but its neat. Can anyone else recommend something similar?

xXGanondorfXx OP , avatar

@Quills its basically just chatrooms with synchronized video watching. I hate picking what to watch and i like to joke with other people about what we are watching. they also vote somehow but i haven't penetrated that far.

Quills , avatar

Whoa, that seems like a cool concept, especially if they have invite only rooms to watch with friends and all

Xperr7 , avatar

Well, had my content curated on Reddit and despised the recommendation stuff on the official app (that I never used lul). But now that I'm on a new platform, I want to have recommendations lol. The Random stuff on the sidebar's pretty neat, could've sworn Reddit has similar like 10 years ago.

Exilfranke ,

People expect to switch platforms and immediately have the same experience there is mind-blowing.

We all spent 10ish years (!) tailoring our experience on Reddit. It's no surprise that you can't replicate all of that within 2 weeks.

Xperr7 OP , avatar

Oh, I'm well aware lol. Just having a bit of a chuckle at the irony .

umbraroze , avatar

A lot of people are boasting here like "well I just deleted my 15+ year account with quintillion karma."

I'm not going to delete my account yet (but probably won't be posting anything on Reddit either). Instead, I came up with a Strange Hobby.

Because password managers are so ubiquitous and easy to use and everyone should use one, I somehow found a complete list of all Reddit throwaway accounts I had over the years. (You know, from back when you could create accounts in seconds and Reddit didn't make you sign a blood pact or whatever.)

So I've been deleting those accounts. There was a pile of them.

And I like to every time I delete an account, a little siren goes off in Reddit HQ and Spez is like "Aaaaagggh! Not another one!"

Cevilia , avatar

Good idea! Also, it’s not always about boasting - putting things into words makes it easier for certain kinds of brain to process them. For some people, the act of leaving snoosite isn’t enough to fully internalise it, they need to say goodbye. Which is fine, btw. :)

collegefurtrader ,

If ass pennies were reddit accounts

curt ,

The Future of the Threadaverse. Is a Lot More Growth a Good Thing?

I’m a recent refugee from Reddit and a very long time social network user. When the Apollo app announced its demise, I joined and and love these new networks. The discussions seems much more reasoned and friendly. I do miss some of the more esoteric groups such as music theory and jazz. I’m sure they’ll be created as the threadiverse (kbin and lemmy) continue to grow. In this case, growth will be good. Is there, however, a point where these new networks get too big?

Imagine 56 million daily users (the current figure for Reddit) using the threadiverse platforms. If they were divided evenly into groups of 10,000, that would be 5,600 instances. Surely, such growth would take years, unless Huffman pulls another catastrophic move such as making you pay to be member and having to view ads as well. Even if he did, I doubt Reddit would completely go away. It would join myspace and AOL in the backwaters of the Internet.

Back to my point. Let’s say there are 20 million daily users. Magazines on kbin and communities on lemmy would have 100’s of thousands or even more that a million subscribers. The subreddit r/worldnews has 32 million subscribers. There could also be 100’s of thousands of magazines/communities. Reddit has 2.8 million subreddits. I know communities are tightly limited on, only being added when there is sufficient interest and support for them. On kbin, it appears any member can create a magazine. I could be wrong. also allows members to create communities without restriction as far as I can tell.

Assuming there were enough instances to support such a volume of users, would that be a good thing or would discussions turn into flame wars, vitriol, and personal attacks? Even if such things were kept under control would threads become full of pointless or uninformative comments that kept you from reading quality posts. I don’t know one way or the other although I suspect, at some point there would be such a thing as too big. Most likely, it will take years for the threadiverse to grow so there’s plenty of time to plan and implement mechanisms to handle it.

AnalogyAddict ,

As a victim of domestic violence who has spent years online trying to help other victims, Reddit's act of undeleting several of my deleted comments just made me have to go through and manually delete. In the process, I had to relive a huge chunk of trauma.

I'm not feeling okay right now.

AnalogyAddict OP ,


No, some of my restored comments had been removed years ago because they were too identifying to leave out there, once the purpose of support was accomplished.

AnalogyAddict OP ,

@BaroquenRecorder i didn't delete my account. I don't know of any way to restore a deleted account.

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