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Huffman takes a "victory" lap: "As the AI era begins, Reddit is leaning into its humanity." (

The moderator rebellion is crushed, there are no longer any third party apps competing with the official Reddit app and Reddit seems to be as popular as ever.“It’s a nice time right now,” he says. “I think we’re executing really well.” In 2024, the company plans to focus on three pillars. 1. Maximizing ad revenue 2....

‘Reddit can survive without search’: company reportedly threatens to block Google (

This could affect a lot of peoples searches. I don’t know about you, but when my laptop stopped working correctly last month, the best solutions were still ones that google linked me to reddit to read… That said, don’t believe every news article on the internet and all that…

Just wanted a warning, Lemmy.World is perhaps worse than reddit at respecting their users (

I just suddenly found my user over there banned. Not for getting in a fight or breaking any rules, but just for criticizing and asking questions regarding its recent vague Terms of Service. In fact, no reason, warning, or reply was given beforehand, and the admin who did it suddenly scaled to banned, with no reply or anything...

"It's the content, stupid." - Quick Notes to Supercharge K.Bin (

Like you, I'm a passionate user of K.Bin but lately, I'm noticing that things are getting kinda stale around here. The most recent thread in this, the top-level magazine on K.Bin, is 4 days old. Many other top 25 magazines are also suffering from a similar lack of fresh content. I run /m/scifi and it's been continuing to grow...

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