Did you ever have a classmate that pretended to be a vampire or some other supernatural creature? How much did they commit to it? ( kbin.social )

I had a couple classmates that pretended to be vampires back in elementary and middle school. They’d pretend their Koolaid was blood, complain about the sunlight, and bite their friends a lot. Not enough to draw blood, though. I haven’t kept up with most of them, but one guy is a teacher now. He seems pretty normal.

Calcharger , (edited )

A girl I knew in high-school thought she was Napoleon Bonaparte reincarnated.

She sometimes wore that French military coat and have her hand tucked. She would speak in what little French she knew.

I hooked up with her. She went on to do CS and is pretty wealthy

fuzz ,

With that backstory, hopefully making a tinder competitor - Bone-a-tart.

yunggwailo ,
@yunggwailo@kbin.social avatar

you really fumbled the bag bruh

Calcharger ,

You're telling me

Hondolor ,
@Hondolor@kbin.social avatar

An interesting self delusion, hopefully harmless though

Calcharger ,

Oh totally, she was super fun. Just a bit eclectic

anon ,
@anon@kbin.social avatar

Did you mean eccentric?

Calcharger ,

Nope, I mean eclectic!

anon ,
@anon@kbin.social avatar

I thought perhaps you meant electric.

Calcharger ,

I could have meant ecclesiastic!

Deceptichum ,
@Deceptichum@kbin.social avatar

Nah, she ended up invading half of Europe by the years end.

iAmTheTot ,
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Krafter ,
@Krafter@kbin.social avatar

Computer Science, i presume

Calcharger ,

You right

HandsHurtLoL ,

I myself was enamored with vampire stuff and in high school met an online boyfriend who really committed to the shtick of being a vampire - though a significantly weakened in bloodline so he could walk in sunlight. I think at one point he was also claiming to be a vessel for the archangel Michael. Please know this was all happening in 2000/2001, so long before Supernatural!

I caught up with him briefly about 15 years after high school, and he's still claiming to be a vampire. A divorced vampire who smokes a lot of weed, but still a vampire.

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski ,
@Doll_Tow_Jet-ski@kbin.social avatar

A divorced vampire who smokes a lot of weed, but still a vampire.


Hank ,

Doesn't sound like the best life but it could be worse I guess. At least he's still a vampire.

chemical_cutthroat ,
@chemical_cutthroat@kbin.social avatar

My man is out here just smoking weed and eating his steaks rare. Let him live... or unlive... I'm not trying to assume his corporeal identity.

ozen ,
@ozen@kbin.social avatar

i hope you check in with him in another 15 years to see what kind of vampire activities he's up to

weremacaque OP ,
@weremacaque@kbin.social avatar

Hopefully it’s still just weed.

AmidFuror ,

Probably just staying young.

HandsHurtLoL ,

I went through a period a few years back of catching up with some of my exes, and it was a montage of dodging bullets. One guy was heavily into opioids for pain management after flipping a truck during street racing. One was married to a homophobic Renaissance faire kind of woman while over time, he had come to understand he was bisexual. And then there was the divorced vampire.

I learned my lesson: I don't want to follow up with any of them ever again.

DarthNinja ,

Might pick up pickleball by then

Chariotwheel ,

Does he drink blood?

weremacaque OP ,
@weremacaque@kbin.social avatar

Man he’s really committed to it. I would at least think he’d grow out of it a couple years after graduation.

HandsHurtLoL ,

Yeah, I thought for sure he would have outgrown it by then, too. He copped to making up the archangel Michael bit, which surprised me, but he was keeping the dream alive as a vampire.

DarkenLM ,

Not a supernatural creature, but I've never seen someone so committed to something, let alone pretending to be a character, like a friend I have.

So, for context, I have a friend who disagreed with his Dramatic Arts professor on how a character had to be played (or something like that) on the first class of the year, and apparently after some arguing, the professor challenged my friend to attend to any business he needed to do in the campus as normal, but portraying a character, any of his choosing, for the rest of the year. And god damn, he did. For the rest of the year, he bought a Victorian era costume, complete with cane and top hat, learned many quirks of the language at the time, and many of the behaviors of society. And Sir Marcus Godwin was born.

He went full in-character mode. He talked using the time's English, walked like a gentleman, and behaved like he was a Victorian era man who was time travelled into the present. It was really hard not to laugh, specially when he spoke, with professors trying REALLY hard not to laugh. I think the DA professor must have warned all other professors of the classes my friend had, because I'm surprised he wasn't expelled of any of them. But he made it to the end of the year nonetheless and not only did he get the max grade on that class (which apparently was nearly impossible with that professor), but also got a fuck ton of money on bets he made along the year.

Helldiver_M ,
@Helldiver_M@kbin.social avatar


Doll_Tow_Jet-ski ,
@Doll_Tow_Jet-ski@kbin.social avatar

wow, that's dedication. As a teacher, I can understand why he got the highest possible grade

Hondolor ,
@Hondolor@kbin.social avatar

That is so chad

chemical_cutthroat ,
@chemical_cutthroat@kbin.social avatar


dipbeneaththelasers ,

The Third

WadeTurtle ,
@WadeTurtle@kbin.social avatar


density ,
@density@kbin.social avatar

What he must have been like in bed.

jkmooney ,
@jkmooney@kbin.social avatar

No, but I've pretended to be cisgender in order to survive

mutant ,
@mutant@kbin.social avatar

there was a group of girls at my high school who self identified as witches
i imagine they grew up to moderate r/witchesvspatriarchy

density ,
@density@kbin.social avatar

Or catholics

Iunnrais ,

I mean, it is a religion. Not much weirder than someone saying they’re Buddhist.

paorzz ,
@paorzz@kbin.social avatar

I had a classmate who thought they were an anime character.

✔️ Naruro run
✔️ UwU
✔️ Exaggerated facial experessions
✔️ Senpai/Nani?!

Cool person though.

Hank ,

Half the traffic of this post comes from people worried that they might've been mentioned.

ReCursing ,
@ReCursing@kbin.social avatar

What? Me? No! Definitely not!

tempestuousknave ,

We see you, Hank.

Hank ,

I put on my robe and my wizard hat.

neoNgEcho ,

I can only remember one girl in middle school who said she was a cat and would scratch and hiss at people.

Loudambiance ,

I knew a girl in college who also believed she was a cat (this was 20 years ago). She would also scratch and hiss at people. Additionally, she would randomly meow in class. They would just sit there "cleaning" themselves as well, licking their hands and arms. She wore a pair of cat ears and a tail. It was immensely weird.

rosatherad ,
@rosatherad@kbin.social avatar

Hope she's still living her best kitty life.

density ,
@density@kbin.social avatar

All the right winger panicked about "children identifying as cats" need to read this thread and remember that kids have always imagined weird things.

Also I knew one who was like that about being a horse.

XiELEd ,
@XiELEd@kbin.social avatar

Search up neko subliminals on Youtube and neko journal on Wattpad. She may be that sort of person

moogmouth ,

Ever heared of the French nuns that caught a case of mass hysteria and started meowing like cats? I'll quote a section about it on Wikipedia:

In The Epidemics of the Middle Ages, an 1844 collection of works written by J. F. C. Hecker (and translated by Benjamin Guy Babington), a translator's note by Babington, citing an unnamed medical textbook, recalls the story of a nun who lived in a French convent during an unspecified time (presumably in the Middle Ages) who inexplicably began to meow like a cat, shortly leading the other nuns in the convent to meow as well. Eventually, all of the nuns in the convent would meow together for a certain period, leaving the surrounding community astonished. This did not stop until the police threatened to whip the nuns.

weremacaque OP ,
@weremacaque@kbin.social avatar

They just sound really bored to me lmao

May ,
@May@kbin.social avatar

Is not a supernatural thing but a girl pretended to be a cat. Apparently this is kinda common? Or at least since then I seen a few people online say a girl at their school also pretended to be a cat? I think we were 10. Anyway I don't know how she is now because she left about the year later and idk her last name to look her up.

ozen ,
@ozen@kbin.social avatar

My first girlfriend was one of those cat girls. We were like 13 when we started dating. She was really unstable and ended up going to jail twice long after we broke up. I sure know how to pick them lol. In my defense, she was the only lesbian I knew at the time.

ivanafterall , (edited )
@ivanafterall@kbin.social avatar

I dressed like a cowboy for awhile as a preteen. I try not to think about it too much. Though I still have a hat tucked away in my closet. Just in case.

AngrilyEatingMuffins , (edited )
@AngrilyEatingMuffins@kbin.social avatar

up until i was like seven i went to school every day wearing a T shirt, jorts and cowboy boots.

tempestuousknave ,

If you lived south of the Mason Dixon no one would have noticed. It's so ubiquitous people forget how ridiculous it is: men who take themselves very seriously attending the office in the same outfit they wore to go trick-or-treating when they were six. I don't mean it as any kind of condemnation. I love the ridiculous, delight in the passion of people grooving in their niche, and absurdity aside western wear can be a good look. But I feel the same way about all kinds of theatrical clothes, while the stetson crowd tends to ridicule the other.

ivanafterall ,
@ivanafterall@kbin.social avatar

You say that. But I was south of the Mason Dixon line and I definitely stood out. Even at some country music concerts. Because I was dressing as if I was the one on-stage at any given concert. I saved and eventually had my white Stetson, quite the rotation of Garth Brooks-style (sometimes literally!) Western shirts, Wrangler jeans, boots, belt buckles, the whole nine yards.

Your average concert-goer was in a t-shirt (IF THAT) and a ball cap with a fishing hook on it.

To say nothing of dressing like that in other, still-less appropriate, non-concert settings.

platysalty ,

No one put on a white shirt, eyeliner and jeans just to catch the premiere of Death Note.

No one.

fuzz ,

Not so much supernatural, but a few in the less socially-included clique thought of themselves as rats. Grew nails long, scurried about, and most weirdly - hung out and ate lunch in the bathroom. It went on for a few years, well into sixth form, and ended up requiring a prefect to patrol the bathrooms at breaktimes to make sure they weren’t up to anything.

Oddly enough, I haven’t heard anything about them in school-reunion-type chatter.

tempestuousknave ,

They made it big in Vegas, surprised you hadn't heard.

fuzz ,

No shit? Well ain’t that a kick in the head.

density ,
@density@kbin.social avatar

Probably got reslly in to magic mushrooms

judgeMental ,
numbscroll ,
@numbscroll@kbin.social avatar

I really, REALLY wanted to be a ninja turtle when I was like 7 or 8. I didn’t let anyone in on that, but I thought if I wanted it enough I might change into one overnight.

metaStatic ,

I also folded black t-shirts to make a ninja hood and snuck around at night

Oshka ,
@Oshka@kbin.social avatar

I had a teacher with Vertigo so she had a couch in her room. Naturally, I would sleep on it of we had nothing to do.

He literally put in those fake plastic vampire teeth and bit me while I slept.....yeah.

WeLoveCastingSpelz ,

In pre school my twin sister and her friends thought they were fairies when they argued for example they would make up stories about each other being evil fairies and stuff like that lots of funny drama what’s embrassing to me is that they got me believeing in it too, fun stuff

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