Is there any way to be notified when others respond to your comments? I feel like it naturally extinguishes conversations to not have any notifications? ( )

I've gone back and noticed that sometimes a handful of people had responded to a previous comment and I never realized it.

As it stands, it seems you only get notifications if people actually manually mention your username. Is there any method to get post/thread reply notifications?

insomniac_lemon , (edited ) avatar

Yes, go to the settings page (notifications section). They seem to have been off by default.

Note that notifications may still be late for whatever reason.


gramw ,

Thanks! Some of these should likely be default on.

Also I should definitely actually look before griping hahaha

MisterMoo , avatar

These should definitely be on by default. Users won’t think to ask or find threads where this is explained, and having it off absolutely kills conversations and engagement unnecessarily @ernest

tal , (edited ) avatar

I am pretty sure that he's busy with about a million things. If you can do PHP and Symfony yourself, you can submit a PR, a fix, and then he'll review it and include it. If you can't, you can see if there's an issue filed on the issue tracker and if not, file one, and that'll put it in line for people working on PRs. It looks like it's up to about 400 open issues.

But everyone trying to drag his attention to their favorite feature in the hopes that he'll just go implement it really quick won't work. There's only one of him, and there are issues like the servers having trouble exchanging messages under sufficient load and patching SQL injection bugs (i.e. people turning up security holes) that are probably gonna be higher on the precedence list than QoL polish.

EDIT: Some other guy did submit an issue for notification of comments, and someone on that issue pointed out that they're already there. If you want to follow up on an existing issue, you could maybe point out that maybe the defaults for these should be changed:

I_Miss_Daniel , avatar

I suspect it's off by default as part of the growing pains. It's probably a non trivial amount of work for a server to have to generate and track notifications. It is necessary though for non real time conversations.

Chozo , avatar

Yep, I'm inclined to believe this, especially considering that currently notifications seem to be delayed in many cases. My notifications will show empty for hours, and then I'll see new notifications for replies I've already seen by that point.

Likely gonna be a few weeks before things start to stabilize after the influx of new users.

ivanafterall OP , avatar

Hallelujah. Thank you! Now I feel like an idiot, it's so straightforward and obvious.

Izzgo ,

It took me over 2 weeks to figure it out, myself. Don't be hard on yourself!

HidingCat ,

Took me a couple of days, was thinking eh, why was everything so quiet. Definitely should be on by default!

Bendersmember , (edited ) avatar

I have them turned on from when I first signed up, didn't even see a notification for you tagging me in this reply. Who knows maybe there's just a small bug, I'll keep checking manually where I can in case. Or maybe they are just late. Thanks for the help!
Edit to add: just got notification, took 3 hours.

laivindil ,

I've noticed some times they just take a while to show as a notification. (This is assuming you have it enabled as others have pointed out in here)

LegendofDragoon , avatar

I've noticed that cross instance posts take a while to generate the notification

StaggersAndJags ,

Is this working though? I turned that setting on a week or more ago and I've never received a notification despite getting comment replies. I thought maybe I just didn't know what notifications look like, but I got one when someone mentioned my username.

assbutt , avatar

One of my accounts just doesn't get notifications or DMs for no apparent reason.

LegendofDragoon , avatar

If you visit the page that a notification would refer you to it automatically clears the notification, so if you visit the page after the comment is generated but before it's visible on your instance it could clear the notification or prevent the notification from appearing at all.

Based on my limited knowledge of the fediverse that would be my hypothesis

MeowdyPardner , (edited ) avatar

Which setting is it? I'm really struggling to understand the wording of the options...

Notify me of comments in my threads
Notify me of replies to my threads comments

These both sound the same to me, isn't a comment in my thread the same as a reply to my thread? Assuming "my thread" means when I leave a comment and it gets comments under it. What's the difference between "my threads" and "my threads comments" maybe one means all replies under one of my comments which isn't what I want - I just want notifications when someone replies directly to one of my comments, but "comments in my thread" sounds like it includes all replies to other people's comments under my comment but "replies to my threads comments" also sounds like it includes replies to other people's comments under my comment...

insomniac_lemon , avatar

I think you've got it, replies-to-replies is probably not needed (though if you don't get many replies or if a reply actually is relevant to you it might still be beneficial to be on).

MeowdyPardner , avatar

I gave both possibilities so I'm not sure which one you are saying I got right haha, I enabled both and got a notification from you so clearly one works. The wording for both sounds like they could both technically apply to any reply or reply to a reply from someone else so I'm not sure.

Ie, if I make a comment and A responds, and B responds to A, both are technically "comments in my thread" assuming thread means all sub comments no matter how deeply nested

At the same time both A and B are technically "replies to my threads comments" (or replies to a comment while being in the thread) so it also meets both conditions there.

Maybe I'm just dense... But I'm going to assume the second one is nested and the first means direct, it feels like I'm trying to decode a logic puzzle on the SAT or something

tal , avatar

I would guess that one case is "I made a new thread and am OP and want to be notified of all messages to that thread" and the other is "I want to be notified of comments that are children to my own comments".

MeowdyPardner , avatar

There's also:

Notify me of replies in my posts
Notify me of replies to my posts comments

So I think for an op one of those would be the correct one. I checked both "threads" and "threads comments" and got a notification, I just have to figure out which one means all replies and which one is direct replies because both "comments in my thread" and "replies to my threads comments" sound like they encompass both direct replies and sub replies (ie comments in my thread seems to imply any comment in the thread no matter how nested or to who they are to, at the same time "replies to threads comments" also sounds like it encompasses all replies since any comment under a thread no matter how nested or to who is technically a reply to a comment in the thread)...

tal , (edited ) avatar


Nah, that's unrelated. This is just kbin and Reddit terminology clashing.

On kbin, you have posts, which are more-or-less the microblogging feature, a la Twitter.

Threads on kbin are analogous to posts on Reddit.

Threads can be either articles (a text post on Redditl or links (an URL post on Reddit).

Threads go in magazines, analogous to a subreddit on Reddit.

I've been essentially using kbin like Reddit, so ignoring the microblogs and posts.

Jon-H558 ,

Yep while looking for something else I found the settings and itn improved kbin mainly when I turned it on read missing about 6 notifications a day

sparseMatrix , avatar


@Bendersmember @gramw @ivanafterall

Thanks so much for this, I've been blundering around for a few days now wondering just what the hell am I doing wrong lmao

ernest , avatar

We have a large queue that is slowly decreasing. With the new server, notifications will be more responsive.

lanbanger ,

Please can you post your buymeacoffee link?

cutitdown , -- I believe that's it

DessertStorms , avatar

I don't know if this is common, and I assume it's due to the nature of federation and things taking a little while to update, but even with notifications on, it's been taking around 2 hours from when the person responds, to me being notified about it, so there's that to consider, too..

(not complaining, just pointing out another reason people might not see notifications right away)

Rhaedas , (edited ) avatar

Just today I had a reply to one of my comments, the notification popped up while I was browsing, but when I went to read it the reply itself had a timestamp of two hours prior. It's possible that this has happened before, but it was the first one that I noticed. Maybe more usage is lagging propagation, especially if the timing seems to be roughly the same amount.

I just realized this might not be seen for a bit if that's true, lol.

Rhaedas , avatar

Even better, now I have a reply that I had already seen earlier that is popping up as a new one. It clears in the top bar when I go read it, but then when I refresh it's back again as new. Growing pains.

DessertStorms , avatar

Only 10 hours later... haha!
But it was nigh time, so I had good reason.. 😁

And yes, it seems to be 2 hours every time, which is what made me think it's not a me problem but a kbin/fed thing, even though I don't know enough about how it all works, from reading the banner you get when you browse from kbin to another instance I know that there might be some delays, so I just put it down to that.

Bendersmember , avatar

I'm confused as well, some of the time I get a little circle with a number next to my username and other times I don't, didn't realized being mentioned by name was the cause. Would be nice to have some more consistency with notifications.

ivanafterall OP , (edited ) avatar

@Bendersmember, yeah, I'm pretty sure doing it like this is what causes that. I've gone back to previous threads that had numerous responses to my comments, but I never received any notification.

Edit: I'm wrong. Look in your Settings --> Notifications. It's right there. Thanks @insomniac_lemon!

Teali0 , avatar

Everyone be patient. Kbin especially is in a very early phase. Imagine joining Reddit in it's first few months.

gramw ,

Curious about this as well — commenting so I can be notified if anyone kno- . . . Oh wait

ivanafterall OP , (edited ) avatar

@gramw, I think this is the only way you get notified

Edit: I'm wrong. Look in your Settings --> Notifications. It's right there. Thanks @insomniac_lemon!

TaleOfSam , avatar

Extra helpful thread thank you thank you \o/

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