Devi ,

Upvotes don't do anything for personal points. Boost gives plus points, downvotes give negative points. If I like a post I upvote and boost it.

Hondolor OP , avatar

So wait then it's way easier to get down votes than upvotes and get a bad reputation?

NotAPenguin ,

It's just bugged atm.

Bonehead ,

Yes, but you can boost your own comments to counteract the downvotes. The whole system is sketchy at best and shouldn't be relied on to determine anything about a user.

Chariotwheel ,

That's just silly.

You shouldn't be able to give yourself points.

kobra ,

Or it should default to always self boosting (similar to reddit)

jalda , avatar

I mean, in Reddit all your posts and comments are auto-upvoted.

frevaljee , (edited ) avatar

If you click on "more" you can also see everyone who up/downvoted and boosted a comment/post. So seeing that you upvoted/boosted yourself might be frowned upon by some. But who cares

HuddaBudda , avatar

OH NO! My fake internet points don't have VALUE?!

exohuman , avatar

Yeah it’s broken atm.

Hondolor OP , avatar

oof, I don't like how that is at all. Is this by design or will that change ever?

exohuman , avatar

It will change. It wasn’t intentional.

Hondolor OP , avatar

Oh thats a relief. It's silly but I love me some internet points

hibbfd , (edited )

here's a golden rodent award for your internet trophy cabinet ✨🐹✨

Hondolor OP , (edited ) avatar
Teppic , avatar
Kichae , (edited )

The upvote button on kbin was originally mapped to boosts. People didn't care for they, and it was incongruent with how Lemmy does it. So, they changed the functionality, but didn't get around to updating the rest of the reputation system.

That said, kbin doesn't federated down votes, so the system is going to be weird no matter what.

Teppic , avatar

I thought kbin and Lemmy do federate down votes, but this isn't included in the wider fediverse protocol, yet ...but I might be wrong?

Kichae ,

I'm not sure if Lemmy federates downvotes. ernest has said that kbin doesn't, though. Maybe that's changed since he made that statement.

AFAIK, though, there's no need for changes to ActivityPub. It has everything it needs to propagate 'actions', which can be defined however a platform chooses. Other platforms just need to know how to interpret those actions in order to do anything with them, and I don't see sites that aren't aping Reddit's engagement model to care about downvotes in any way.

Teppic , avatar

Upon review you are probably right - there is quite a lot of discussion about it here:

Niello ,

I hope the boost and upvote list don't get messed up. I've been using boost for things I want to comeback later on top of things I want more visibility on. I'd hate to lose that and have to manually sort them.

supermurs , avatar

Thanks for the clarification, I've been wondering about the same thing too.

squawkduck ,

@Devi @Hondolor

Are plus/negative points purely for thread/comment ranking?

verysoft ,

I hope they remove the reputation display, people farming karma points was stupid.

Up/down votes should be used for post/comment organising and nothing more imo.

apemint ,

I agree. While a visible point system CAN be useful, in this context, it will just ultimately lead to farming and the subsequent degradation of post/comment quality.

fishos , (edited )

I would prefer a system akin to old forums. Posts are worth X experience points(or whatever you want to call it) based on word count(and possibly some other factors). Maybe aside from ranking the page/comments, votes could also be used to determine how good at "promoting discussion" the post was. Upvote if the post promotes discussion(even if you disagree with it), and downvote if it's just trolling gibberish nonsense. Then use the upvote/downvote ratio to determine how much of the experience points are gained or lost from the person's reputation.

So for example, say a certain post was worth 100 exp based on its specific word count. And it has a 78% "this was good discussion" upvote ratio. The user would gain 78 exp. Longer, but well thought out and not spammy posts would in theory rise to the top while still rewarding shorter posts as well and discouraging quick spammy stuff.

This would of course require votes to return to "this does/doesn't promote quality discussion" vs "I like/agree with this".

rastilin ,

It has downsides, but it can be revealing. For example most users have a pretty average reputation, around -5 to 10 points, since it's easier to lose reputation than to gain it. But there's two week old accounts walking around with -2500 reputation, which says a lot.

pizza_rolls , avatar

I think we should remove the reputation system and just make it easier to ban people who are shitting up our instance. People are out here downvoting for the most mundane things and turning it back into reddit 2.0 where everyone is uppity for no reason.

taigaman , avatar

Thank you for asking this. I was confused, and honestly, too afraid to ask. This whole thread cleared up that mess. Not saying I want to Karma farm, and I'd be perfectly happy without a reputation system, but it feels bad to be in the negatives when it does exist.

Xeelee , avatar

It doesn't. I'm sure it'll get fixed eventually.

LostCause ,

You can also boost your own comments if the negative bothers you. It‘s pretty meaningless anyway as afaik it‘s not used like in Reddit to lock people out or anything.

AnonTwo ,

It's based on boosts, and not upvotes

So a lot of people (especially those not creating threads and just commenting) are in the negatives at the moment, or just really low.

xc2215x ,

It is kind of odd.

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