Titou ,

Literally Dolphin vs Shark

nifty OP ,
@nifty@lemmy.world avatar

But both are cute, what are you on about?

Titou ,

Shark is seen as an evil human-eater while in fact there's plenty of animals who kills more humans than him including dolphins(also most shark attacks were in fact accidents).

nifty OP ,
@nifty@lemmy.world avatar

Thanks for the info!

AI_toothbrush ,


lseif ,

what about a cute little creature being kind? not enough of that in this word sadly

nifty OP ,
@nifty@lemmy.world avatar

I would treasure it forever

UsernameIsTooLon ,

How about the both of them being friends and going on journeys together where they clash worldviews and compromise together

FakeGreekGirl ,
@FakeGreekGirl@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

As an aspiring monsterfucker, I choose option B.

dariusj18 ,

Often called "gap moe"

Kolanaki ,
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

The second isn't used as a trope nearly as much as the first, and I do like rooting for an underdog.

samus12345 ,
@samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

Indeed, the first is something of a cliche at this point.

lastweakness ,

Both are. At least in manga and anime.

SimplyTadpole ,
@SimplyTadpole@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Yeah, in fact I rarely ever see the second one playing out...

AnUnusualRelic ,
@AnUnusualRelic@lemmy.world avatar

Look at the boooones!

Excrubulent ,
@Excrubulent@slrpnk.net avatar

I soiled my armour I was so scared!

SloppySol ,

Thank you for the visual insight, I think it’s helped me grow

naevaTheRat ,
@naevaTheRat@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Kindness rocks, in fiction and reality.

Asidonhopo ,

Kindness and evil aren't mutually exclusive. Cute and scary arent mutually exclusive either.

HotsauceHurricane ,
@HotsauceHurricane@lemmy.one avatar


Draconic_NEO ,
@Draconic_NEO@pawb.social avatar

They're both good, but I prefer the second one, because it's nice to have the ones who are usually the villains be presented in a positive light. I might be a bit biased here.

geogle ,
@geogle@lemmy.world avatar

Actions matter.. looks less so.

Draconic_NEO ,
@Draconic_NEO@pawb.social avatar


NorthWestWind ,
@NorthWestWind@lemmy.world avatar

If a big scary creature is kind, it is not scary

moosetwin ,
@moosetwin@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

what about Creepy Good?

theneverfox ,
@theneverfox@pawb.social avatar

I mean, if that thing in the example pic was consistently kind and helpful to me, I'd soon find it more ugly than creepy. Without the hair, I might not even think it's ugly

In the same way, if a lion decided I was their beloved human and consistently showered me with affection and appropriate gentleness, I'd quickly lose my fear of it

nonfuinoncuro ,

dammit why did you link me to TV tropes...

shani66 ,

It really is like a DDOS attack for a human mind

moosetwin ,
@moosetwin@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

It's been eight hours, how ya holding up?

nonfuinoncuro ,

eventually fell asleep on the TV tropes article...

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