OpenSUSE Leap 15.5 -> Tumbleweed conversion

Thinking of trying to morph my Leap workstation into Tumbleweed (and potentially Slowroll once that project matures enough). I’ve seen that you can do it . I reckon I can rollback relatively easily via the BTRFS snapshots if it goes sideways, but just curious to see what others’ experience with doing so has been.

Suggestion: prioritize topic-based instances as the recommended lemmy communities.

When building out the database of recommended Lemmy communities, I think it makes the most sense to prioritize the communities that belong to instances focused on a specific topic over communities that are based in a “general” instance, even if currently the community is smaller in the topic-specific instance....

Why didn't anyone remind me the dual booting exists?

I was talking to my dad yesterday and he talked about how he dual booted windows and Linux in his college days. I immediately left to download Ubuntu, I feel so dumb for forgetting it’s an option. I literally only use windows so I can play Fortnite with friends. PSA: you can have both Linux and Windows, or you can use a vm in...

YouTube Ad-Blocker policy - Can it be explained by ad revenue numbers?

First, a disclaimer: I’m no expert, and I only know what is on these documents I linked. I haven’t read in-depth reporting by real investigative journalists, nor any reporting sourced or quoted from YT insiders (When I see articles about the ad-blocking, I knock wood that SmartTube is still working and keep scrolling, keen...

I finally switched back to Linux as my daily driver after a couple of years of being on nothing but Windows.

I ran Manjaro Linux as my daily driver a few years ago but slowly phased it out for Windows for some reason, and I’m finally back using Linux (currently Linux Mint). I gotta say, I don’t know why I ever switched back to Windows. There’s just so much freedom Linux gives you right off the bat that Windows is just plain...

What's the deal with the private trackers?

I’ve read on reddit I think that if you are torrenting using a private tracker you’re gonna be fine even without VPN. The question is: isn’t the tracker is just a server that leads my torrent client to the pieces of the file on the seeders? And the connection between me and the seeders is p2p, isn’t that type of...

Sci-hub Legal Case Status

Sci-Hub is a site to access scholar articles that are behind a paywall. The site has been involved in several legal cases such as Elsevier et al. v. Sci-Hub et al. (2005), a lawsuit filled by the American Chemical Society which was lost by default after failing to defend itself, and many other complaints resulting in ISP...

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