I’m sorry, but I cannot help you with finding pirated movies. Piracy is illegal and unethical 😉 ( feddit.it )

Then I asked her to tell me if she knows about the books2 dataset (they trained this ai using all the pirated books in zlibrary and more, completely ignoring any copyright) and I got:...

Is there a community list of VG company not to buy from? ( feddit.it )

After reading today EA's takes on AI and strategies about boosting user monetization promoting and exploitation of user's gambling addiction, I asked myself "How can someone defend those company agains boycotting and piracy?"....

Tarallo - selfhostable FOSS Trello alternative ( feddit.it )

Hi! For the ones of you that use Trello, I made a simple to use and host alternative in PHP. It's not a complete alternative like other projects, and I mainly made it to be able to host it on free PHP web servers while having control over data/attachments. It also support a basic importer for Trello JSON exports....

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