artvabas , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users

Get a live!

patchwork , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users

I don’t like how any of these big tech companies try and force us to use their spyware vs letting people make an informed choice. I don’t agree with the technique, but the silver lining may be that we desperately need competition with browsers and the reality is that this is how US predatory capitalism works now. Companies take advantage of people because we have no proper regulation in the tech space. Maybe some people will switch to from Chrome to Edge (reskinned Chrome) Ranking for privacy on a 1-10 scale imho

Chrome 0 Edge 1 Firefox 5 Brave 6 LibreWolf 9

supercriticalcheese , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users

It got installed edge on an android phone as well.

While Microsoft doesn’t normally control anything on android, my workplace requires a Microsoft intune to be installed to run the company email or teams on your phone. This effectively creates a workprofile with it’s own play store and a forced install of several applications such as edge

LunarLoony ,

That’s your workplace doing that, not Microsoft

Edgarallenpwn ,

Yeah seems like a request for a work provided phone would fix it. A guy I used to work with bought a burner flip phone when something like this was required and got the company to provide a work phone. After a month or two he would just openly use his normal phone and no one batted an eye.

NabeGewell ,
@NabeGewell@lemmy.world avatar

By your logic it was my school that wanted us to learn MS products, not Microsoft. Are you sure about that?

LunarLoony ,

Yes, otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered with Intune…

NabeGewell ,
@NabeGewell@lemmy.world avatar

I don’t get your point, what does Intune have to do with the topic?

LunarLoony ,

The original comment I replied to was talking about Intune, and having to use Company Portal on mobile devices. What are you on about?

NabeGewell ,
@NabeGewell@lemmy.world avatar

Right, back on track. I’m sure a company wouldn’t use, and require their employees use a program unless people in charge are already familiar with said product or there was a deal made for them. I don’t know where the guy works but I’m sure that’s a safe bet, my point is Microsoft is known to make deals with schools/uni to teach only their products instead of alternatives. It’s why their products are so used - why learn something new when what you’ve been taught does the job

PseudoSpock ,

Demand they provide a work phone. Never put Microsoft’s stuff for work on your personal devices!!!

supercriticalcheese ,

I would never do that to my personal phone, I installed that in a old phone that I had laying around.

PseudoSpock ,

That works, too. Glad to see people not trusting work apps on their private daily devices.

lud ,

You should demand a work phone but work apps are usually insolated from the rest of the system for both yours and your employers benefit.

PseudoSpock ,

It enables your job to track you off hours. Did you go to a protest on the weekend your company doesn’t approve of? If you aren’t careful, you might give it permissions to your photos. If it’s some form of 2FA, it might desire access to your SMS. In earlier days, the Outlook app use to be able to wipe the phone, it is more sandboxed now. But can you see how allowing access to your private information is a bad idea? Just say no. If it’s for work related apps, they owe you a device to run it on.

lud ,

The amount of tracking the intrusiveness of it highly depends on the type of management they used.

MAM or work profiles are most often used for personal devices and it grants the employer the ability to only manage specific apps and or profile.

MDM enrollment is used for corporate owned devices and is more capable.

Here is some documentation for MS Intune, it will be slightly different for other providers but it will be roughly the same: …microsoft.com/…/android-deployment-scenarios-app…

If it’s for work related apps, they owe you a device to run it on.


railsdev , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users

Who still uses Windows anyway?

Zorque ,

Most people who use PCs.

Francis_Fujiwara , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users

Idc, i use Linux.

kryllic , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users

…why would they?

achsonaja , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users

For now

Railcar8095 ,

I’m afraid you might have misread the title… unless you’re very optimistic

achsonaja ,

lol you’re right. I misread that, my bad.

UziBobuzi , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users
@UziBobuzi@kbin.social avatar

One of the top reasons I finally went Linux and I don't regret making the change one bit.

Sabre363 , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users

How surprising. The company that only knows how to do one thing won’t stop doing the thing.

InputZero ,

In other news, company doesn’t think it’s to blame for it’s bad products says ‘it’s the consumers fault for having expectations of quality.’

lustrum , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users

Not just that. Every windows update I have to go through the fucking setup screen. No I don’t want an office subscription, no I don’t want onedrive, no don’t tailor ads, no don’t collect telemetry.

strawberry ,
@strawberry@artemis.camp avatar

have u tried making installation media with Rufus? they'll let u use a local account and skip all that. also tiny 11 is what I use, cuts out Microsoft's bullshit

dingus ,
@dingus@lemmy.ml avatar

Rufus is a fucking godsend.

Edgarallenpwn ,

Love the username. CBB TV 4 life

TheMadnessKing ,

You could grab the ISO and use ventoy. No need to format USBs again and again. Can store multiple ISOs and whatnot.

railsdev ,

I ditched Windows like 15 years ago and never looked back. How can you cut out Microsoft’s bullshit when Microsoft’s bullshit is literally the OS? I’m not talking about spyware, telemetry, etc. I’m talking about the actual OS itself and its trash APIs, structure, etc.

What you’re talking about seems like a half-measure, the problem isn’t just a few things you can strip out of the OS, the problem is the OS itself.

strawberry ,
@strawberry@artemis.camp avatar

yea it only cuts some of it out, like one drive, edge, etc

as a gamer, Linux just doesnt work for me.

nimbus5000 ,
@nimbus5000@techhub.social avatar


They just keep getting worse and worse! I've decided to investigate whether one of the Linux distributions is able to be my daily driver. With everything being a web app these days, incompatibility with business programs I use is no longer an issue. The only question now is, are my peripherals compatible?


Romkslrqusz ,

Settings > System > Notifications > Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device to get the most out of Windows

Disable this, there are a few others in that area you might consider disabling too

lustrum ,

Thank you!

PseudoSpock ,

The ONE time I miss reddit awards.

lud ,

You will just have to use good old poorly drawn images of coins.

possiblylinux127 ,
@possiblylinux127@lemmy.zip avatar

There’s always linux

railsdev ,

I really can’t think of any valid reason to use Windows in 2023 other than “it’s required for work” or “I’m just a gamer.” Not being a gamer myself I’m not sure how valid the latter is though.

N1cknamed ,
@N1cknamed@feddit.nl avatar

Because windows just works. I don’t want to deal with linux.

railsdev ,

No it doesn’t, it needs constant babysitting if you want it to remain stable. Even then, watch out for updates that’ll wreck your workflow, device drivers and/or the OS itself. The thing is hodgepodge code with layers of bullshit added on through the years. It’s a mess.

iegod ,

It does not.

railsdev ,

Have you used it? Lol

N1cknamed ,
@N1cknamed@feddit.nl avatar

Maybe for a small percentage of extreme power users who live on their computer. For me Windows lets me access all the programs and media I need with zero problems. I can not imagine Linux being anywhere near as hassle free.

railsdev ,

For me Windows lets me access all the programs and media I need

Oh wow, you mean it does the very bare minimum that any OS should do?

I can not imagine Linux being anywhere near as hassle free.

In what context? Opening programs and playing media? Lol

N1cknamed ,
@N1cknamed@feddit.nl avatar

Yes, it does what 99% of users require from it. On Linux I would immediately run into a bunch of programs that wouldn’t work out of the box, at which point I’d need to get into emulating. Which is something I do not want to deal with.

Windows works flawlessly without hassle, Linux does not. Easy choice to make.

Solemn ,

Adobe software for creative work. Afaik there’s okay replacements, but not great ones. Also, migrating your Lightroom catalog to a new software is kinda a ridiculous task

chiliedogg ,

“No reason to use Windows except 2 of the biggest reasons to use a PC.”

railsdev ,

If that’s all you need from your computer you might as well downgrade to a boot loader with audio support

Gush ,
@Gush@lemmy.ml avatar

I’m a professional gaymer and i use pop os daily

Flyberius , to privacy in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users
@Flyberius@hexbear.net avatar

Now it just needs to stop forcing windows 11 on windows 10 users

abobla OP ,

the title says that Microsoft hasn’t stopped forcing Edge.

Flyberius ,
@Flyberius@hexbear.net avatar

Oh shoot

EeeDawg101 ,
@EeeDawg101@lemm.ee avatar

I read it the same way. I thought maybe this whole google getting taken to court business for manipulating their way to top search engine scared Microsoft by nah…

TheTACOCATehT , to technology in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users.

I’m using an Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 2021 as my personal laptop and have been contemplating switching it over to Linux for a while now.

It’s sporting an AMD Ryzen 5900HS and Nvidia RTX 3060 variant and very use steam for most of my games which I’m thinking wouldn’t pose too many issue based on what I read here often.

My core concerns are:

  • Gaming is the biggest worry as my last experience with Ubuntu a few years ago was extremely frustrating with poor drivers, okay performance, and frequently requiring game specific fixes
  • I sometimes require Microsoft Office (collaborative documents for freelance design work).
  • I would very much like the Logitech Options+ companion software to work well or an alternative with the ability to set custom actions for all the buttons on my MX Master 3

Besides those:

  • This machine’s reliance on its vendor software like Armory Crate etc. to perform well; an issue I’ve recently tackled by switching over to GHelper which unfortunately isn’t available for Linux
  • I see Opensuse and Fedora recommended as plug and play with this machine and other distros requiring compiling and troubleshooting to work well; most cases quote much worse battery life than Windows and the need for multiple tools and command line fixes to achieve processor boost disabling and graphic switching
  • I sometimes use trainers in single player mode for games that my friends play (which I couldn’t afford or didn’t have time for when they started) so I can catch up with their progress and play together with them; I haven’t seen anything specific about trainers like those from Fling working with Linux

Can anyone advise me regarding a good distro and whether I should go ahead with the switch considering the issues outlined above?

Thank you for your time and attention reading all that.

tl;dr: I want to switch to Linux but don’t know which distro or how stable it would be for my Asus G14 with gaming and portable battery life as the primary concerns.

skullgiver , (edited )
@skullgiver@popplesburger.hilciferous.nl avatar

Nvidia and Linux drivers are a bad combination.

I wouldn’t go with Opensuse or Fedora for gaming. Pop_OS! or maybe something like Endeavour/Manjaro for more advanced users seems like a better solution because they have built-in mechanisms for dealing with Nvidia’s bullshit.

I’ve set up a Gnome desktop shell extension for managing my CPU and ever since performance and battery life have been great. Effectiveness will differ between models, but in my experience Linux does a better job managing battery life than Windows.

I don’t know about specific trainers, I wouldn’t assume they work as well on Linux as they do on Windows. You have GameConqueror on Linux, which is like a basic Cheat Engine, but I can’t tell you much more.

My advice to you would be:

  • try a less Linux-y Linux distro like Pop_OS! which focuses on easy of use rather than technical superiority
  • if you get a choice, pick X11 over Wayland. Most likely, this won’t come up, but if it does, Wayland and Nvidia are not friends and should not be in the same room as each other.
  • Microsoft Office doesn’t work on Linux. However, you can set up a virtual machine running just Windows and Office. You can also try the free alternatives (LibreOffice, OnlyOffice) but those may not work for your use case.
  • Games launched through Steam usually work just fine. If Steam isn’t available, there are tools like Bottles and Lutris that apply the shitty fixes for you. Success not 100% guaranteed, but manually configuring stuff like Wine and Vulkan wrappers is too much of a pain.
  • Many multilayer games choose to exclude Linux. Many of them work fine on a technical level, their servers just don’t like Linux. You don’t get a choice other than to vote with your attention and pick another game.
  • For Logitech mice there are a few tools available. Special buttons can usually be remapped using any Linux button remapper tool and used to drive desktop shortcuts if you so wish, and Solaar can manage some Logitech hardware. Sadly, Logitech and most other gaming brands don’t bother writing Linux software so not all features will work.
  • There are alternative launchers for stores like Epic (I think Hero Launcher is the new hot fad) that will work a lot better than trying to force a Windows launcher to install through WINE.
  • If the state if modern Linux gaming is still not good enough for you, don’t force yourself through it. I almost exclusively play Steam games on my own, and gaming on Linux has worked fine so far. However, multiplayer gaming and non-Steam gaming is still a pain.
  • In a few years, when your laptop is no longer sufficient to play games, try to buy AMD graphics rather than Nvidia if you want to use Linux. Maybe Intel will have a good gaming GPU out by then. In the words of Linus Torvalds himself: “fuck you, Nvidia!”
olutukko ,

Why not fedora? I use it with nvidia and everything works just fine. Sure you have to install nvidia drivers but that’s quite literally one line to command line and you’re set. Fedora nowadays let’s you get closed source repos on installation

skullgiver ,
@skullgiver@popplesburger.hilciferous.nl avatar

“just one line to command line” is the problem in my opinion. The Linux experience is a thousand “just one command” solutions. This stuff should be integrated if it’s this common a problem.

If you’re fine with the command line then sure, Fedora will work great for you. In this case, the person I responded to sounded quite frustrated with their previous experience, so I thought Fedora may not be the best solution for them.

Notsosuperfloh ,

on windows you need to download the driver from the internet and install it manually. on linux you enter a command and it installs itself.

skullgiver , (edited )
@skullgiver@popplesburger.hilciferous.nl avatar

On Windows the driver installs itself through Windows Update. It’s already set up for you the moment you exit the installer, assuming you have an internet connection during setup. If not, it’ll install itself the moment you go online.

Notsosuperfloh ,

this doesn’t work most of the time, and if it works, it’s an ancient version of the driver.

init ,

+1 for Pop_OS and their Nvidia support. I’ve been using Pop_OS as my gaming rig daily driver for about a year or year and a half at this point. It has pretty much worked flawlessly. Just about the only complaint I have with System76 is their app store GUI is laggy and has a tendency to bug out if you try doing anything with it before it refreshes when first being opened.

Numpty ,

I wouldn’t go with Opensuse or Fedora for gaming.

Why? I use openSUSE Tumbleweed for gaming and it’s been rock solid. Seriously, I’ve never really had any issues. It has its quirks, but they are easily “fixed” by adding Packman and the Nvidia repos… and running an update.

I’ve tried Ubuntu multiple times and it was always a shitshow disaster. Mint was OK-ish, but had Ubuntu-related silliness.

Gebruikersnaam , (edited )

nobaraproject.orgThere is really no reason not to try. You can just try a bootable USB first to see if Linux works for you and your hardware config. It’s a great way to test things and determine what distro and desktop environment works for you.

I’ve been using Piper for my logitech mouse: flathub.org/apps/org.freedesktop.Piper

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod , to technology in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users.
@TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml avatar

Not to shit on the parade, but purging Edge is pretty easy with the great script by Chris Titus (think its called wintool).

RyanUrq1328 ,
spaghettiwestern , (edited )

The problem with purging Edge is my Windows 10 install will not open Firefox when the OS calls for a browser. For instance certain help screens are displayed in Edge or they aren’t displayed at all. And then there are Microsoft’s repeated reinstallations of Edge when running updates.

I have only one PC still running Windows and that’s only because Microsoft deleted my dual boot Linux partition and it is difficult and time consuming to reinstall, but Windows will be blown away soon…

Microsoft has been abusing their customers due to their market position for years and Justice Department needs to reopen that anti-trust suit. Time to break the company up.

Da_Boom ,
@Da_Boom@iusearchlinux.fyi avatar

There’s no way windows would’ve deleted your dual boot partition, your Linux bootloader? Yes ive seen it do that a hundred times over, but I have never seen it overwrite an entire Linux EXT4 partition. The only time it would do that is if you installed it after installing Linux and did a reccomended install instead of a custom install.

spaghettiwestern ,

So if you haven’t seen something happen it couldn’t have happened to any of the billions of people in the world? If I said my computer won’t power up someone here would insist I don’t know how to press the power button.


the_crab_man , to technology in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users.

For casual users that only need a web browser, a mail client and an office suite, Linux is a great replacement for Windows.

lorkano , (edited )

Problem is that if someone is casual user, he won’t be able to install Linux. And windows is preinstalled almost always. And then if someone is advanced user and gamer, Linux is still much worse for that than windows

SSUPII , (edited )

Nha, I ran away from Windows for desperation for all the bugs, issues and extra steps necessary you have if you do anything remotely advanced. Doing advanced user shit and gaming in Linux for 2 years.

I have a job as maintenance, in a two months 3 Windows devices had issues that could be attributed to Windows breaking on its own.

Cethin ,

Linux is the most used operating system in the world. You probably use Linux every day. Android is Linux.

Linux can be pre-installed and it can be as simple to install for a user as windows. It can also be used without the terminal or anything else. All this just depends on which distro you use. Thats the biggest pain point for new people. They think Linux is one thing, but there are so many ways Linux can be customized and used. Finding the right one is hard, especially if you don’t want to touch it and let it handle itself.

avatar ,

OK which distro should we use

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod ,
@TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml avatar

Ubuntu LTS. Most community support you can get, scripts and packages galore. Wine and gaming support is best alongside Nobara and Garuda. Stable, reliable, best hardware support and beautiful fluid GNOME is great to use without it crushing your system like KDE does.

Ignore the snap haters, they may otherwise be atheists but follow a religion called anti-SystemDism.

HubertManne ,
@HubertManne@kbin.social avatar

butting in. I have yet to encounter a distro more plug and play friendly than zorin os. comes preinstalled with a bunch of stuff including play on linux and is setup to mimic windows by default as much as possible in look and feel.

lorkano , (edited )

I like how you dismissed all the points that were inconvinient, and twisted one point as if I said Linux couldn’t be preinstalled. I said it’s rarely preinstalled on PCs and laptops. When was last time 45 year old dad you know installed Linux by himself, or installed custom android rom for that matter? It’s way easier to just buy laptop with preinstalled windows.

Cethin ,

I didn’t twist anything. If you want to buy a Linux laptop it’s as easy as googling for that. If you want to install Ubuntu, it’s pretty much as easy as windows (maybe easier because it’s not asking you to install all the bloat too).

Zeoic ,

To be fair, Windows doesn’t ask to install all the bloat, it just does it lol

Catweazle ,
@Catweazle@vivaldi.net avatar

@Zeoic @Cethin, it's just fair, I don't ask either when I gut all this shit out.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

Yes but no. Technically correct. But you are not interacting with linux at all when using android.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

I'm running all my games under Linux using wine or via Proton. Either way no windows for me. Never.

Nalivai ,

That’s something that was kinda sorta true 20 years ago, but not anymore

mayonaise_met ,

You all keep saying that, and I’m not saying I can’t ultimately make the move, but there’s always something that doesn’t quite work as easily.

Then there’s always a solution to that which isn’t quite what you want and involves a lot of terminal which isn’t really something casual users want.

For me this time it was OneDrive which I want to be able to use, trust, and have control over without terminal commands and a half baked GUI. I get it, fuck Microsoft, but it’s already paid for and we’re not moving because my wife, who is doing dome contracting work, doesn’t want to mess with what she is familiar with.

smollittlefrog ,

doesn’t want to mess with what she is familiar with

That does make change difficult.

mayonaise_met ,

Incredibly so.

There is also the issue that if you want to work together with other companies who use 365, they often want you to send them files in Office formats. Yes, you can also make Office 365 work on Linux, but at that point people already don’t want to try it out anymore.

Personally I just tried Linux Mint for a short period and there is a lot to love. But I’m doing a huge personal project in which I’m reorganizing tens of thousands of photos which I want to store in OneDrive and backup on a drive. Currently I’m just more familiar with Windows and I understand how OneDrive works (instead of something like rclone on Linux). After I’m done I’m going to reinstall Mint or something similar on my secondary SSD and try to set up OneDrive in a satisfying way.

Ironically I’m biting the hand that feeds me as I work as a lowcode developer using Microsoft Dynamics/Power Platform. But still, Microsoft can eat a bag of sweaty sausages for what they’ve done with privacy, bloat, annoying restrictions in Windows 10/11.

skullgiver ,
@skullgiver@popplesburger.hilciferous.nl avatar

Linux is great for the most basic users who only need a Facebook machine, and for the ultimate tinkerers who care about kernel versions.

In the middle there’s the “advanced Windows user” who knows enough about computers to modify obscure settings, but not enough to debug driver issues. For those users, Linux is absolutely terrible. They try to alter the DNS server preference settings and get thrown into the world of obscure config files, systemd-versus-initV, command line editors and kernel command line arguments.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Linux needs more GUIs for managing complex settings. Windows does all the things Linux does through Powershell and registry settings, but Windows also provides a point-and-click interface for the people who don’t care about learning how to find grep cat xarg.

As for cloud stuff, Onedrive is an unfortunate fit. Google Drive is integrated into my desktop environment. All I needed to do was log in using username/password, and all at once my mail/contacts/calendar/files appeared into the built-in apps. The same is true for some other cloud providers. It’s really just Onedrive, and I agree with you that it’s a pain.

The biggest issue with Linux is that proprietary software doesn’t work most of the time, without annoying workarounds. There are usually alternatives or wizards available, but it takes some Googling to find those.

I believe Zorin is trying to do build a Linux that Windows users can use. It has built-in integration with Wine and is designed to look like Windows. I don’t know if it’s a fit for you, but it’s worth looking at a few screenshots for.

As for your wife, she’s probably right to not break her professional workflow. You can always dual-boot your PC if you want to give Linux another go.

Numpty ,

Linux needs more GUIs for managing complex settings.

openSUSE has YaST which covers almost all complex settings… it’s not perfect, but it tries

UsernameIsTooLon ,

As much as I love Linux, I can’t really suggest it to casual users because I would end up being tech support for every issue. I’d suggest it to slightly more advanced users who know the basics of troubleshooting.

Life_Inst_Bad ,

In my humble opinion I tend to disagree. I have installed Linux (Fedora 38) on a system of an absolute computer noob and up until now (2 months in) I haven’t heard a single complaint or question. It’s faster than Win 10 and surprisingly even more stable.

UsernameIsTooLon ,

It just depends on the person. I wouldn’t put my mom on Linux for example, but I would consider her a casual user.

BradleyUffner ,

Is that because nothing works on the computer anymore, and they are unable to contact you because of it? 🤔

Life_Inst_Bad ,

If that would be the case he’d still have my cellphone number and a landline which i (pinky promise!) haven’t touched!

Surp ,
@Surp@lemmy.world avatar

Linux users that love the system fail to see this because they are usually sysadmins in rooms alone and never have to actually talk to people anymore and forget how fucking dumb the average computer user is. I love Linux too but Id never suggest it for anyone that only wants to browse the web and check email.

Curious_Canid ,
@Curious_Canid@lemmy.ca avatar

I’m not sure requests for help with Linux would be that much more frequent than the ones I get now asking for help with Windows. The Windows UX is getting worse while the Linux UX has been getting better for a while now.

pedz ,

I do tech support for a living. I once had a neighbor that is handicapped and she kept asking me why her computer was always asking her stuff and was rebooting ‘by itself’.

Turns out she had a very old computer that was using a very basic version of Windows Home (she couldn’t even change the background) and it was constantly choking and rebooting because of updates.

I installed Linux Mint on her computer and requests for support have dropped by 90%.

In fact, I have done this for a few unexperienced computer users and because they mainly just use a browser, it’s much simpler for them.

When you think about all the notifications Windows is showing to its users about everything, from antivirus to OneDrive, and all the actions its prompting, it’s easy to see how some very basic users may find that extremely confusing. For people like that, a stable Linux distribution will be bliss (and for the people helping them).

DestroyMegacorps ,

and the computer performed faster right?

SpikesOtherDog ,

I would guess so. I’m running Mint on 15yo hardware. Chunky laptop, and DDR3 desktop. Between Mint and a SSD, the devices perform as well as current hardware on Windows 11.

pedz ,

Yes but it was still a P4 running Windows 7 Home Starter so whatever modern OS would choke on that anyway. I eventually gave her an old Phenom with a triple core but with the condition that it was running Linux Mint instead of Windows.

I moved a few years ago but I’m still going to help her a few times a year to do the updates. It’s very low maintenance compared to Windows.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

For a power user that is programming all day. And compiling. Linux is a very good solution as well.

Player2 , to technology in Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users.

Fun story: we just had the first week of uni here and over the summer all the school computers had been updated to Windows 11. During the first class then naturally all the professors were logging in to the computers for the first time. Upon opening the course syllabus, every single time, a big popup would appear on the screen about how Edge is so great and asking for analytics data permission. About half of the professors just agreed to everything fast to get it out of the way but the other half did reject it. In one case a professor was reading over the whole thing for at least 30 seconds

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