RTR#27 Aggregate view, work on federation (

Today, a test version of the aggregate view has been introduced on the instance. It's a mix of threadiverse and microblog formats, applying all filters, blacklists, sub filters, languages etc. After selecting *, the links to sub, mod, fav change, and navigation works within the aggregate view....

/kbin logotype

PeerTube v6 is out, and powered by your ideas! (

It's #givingtuesday, so we're giving you PeerTube v6 today! PeerTube is the software we develop for creators, media, institutions, educators... to manage their own video platform, as an alternative to YouTube and Twitch. 🦆 VS 😈: Let's take back some ground from the tech giants! Thanks to your donations to our...

RTR#25 Further performance improvements (user page, tag page), marking new comments (

Today, I worked on the user and tag pages to make them operate a bit faster and consume fewer hardware resources. Additionally, I implemented the first iteration of marking new comments in visited threads and posts. This is a test change and will be improved over the next few days. It's progressing a bit faster than I initially...

Facebook Watches Teens Online As They Prep for College – The Markup (

“After signing into their ACT account, if a student accepted cookies on the following page, Facebook received details on almost everything they clicked on—including scrambled but identifiable data like their first and last name, and whether they’re registering for the ACT. The site even registered clicks about a...

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